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User Focused Monitoring

User Focused Monitoring (UFM) is a way of evaluating and researching mental health services by the people who have had experience of using them.

The aim is to gain information from a service user perspective that can contribute to future improvements of services and the interventions offered. Listed below are the UFM research reports completed by Bristol Mind.

The UFM project at Bristol Mind ended in August 2009. If you want to enquire about Bristol Mind’s UFM research work contact Claire Farnworth:
0117 980 0370

If you want to know more about User Focused Monitoring contact the UFM Network UK.

UFM research reports

Experiences of the Care Programme Approach in Bristol: How socially inclusive is it? (February 2009)
Evaluates how the CPA in Bristol is helping to support the achievement of secondary mental health service users' needs and aspirations.

Crisis What Crisis: Being in a mental health crisis (October 2004)
The experiences of being in a mental health crisis in Bristol.

Being an in-patient (April 2002)
This is about service user experiences of being in-patients. The report led to the formation of a group that worked on implementing the report recommendations.

Returning to work after experiencing mental health distress (2002)
A study of the experiences of people who have lost their occupation following mental health problems. This work was funded by Strategies for Living.